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A dream play

About me

Allow me to introduce myself.

  • Name : Mariko
    My common name is Mari. You can call me Mari!
  • The distinction of sex : female
  • Location : United States
  • Birthday : May.19xx
  • Age : unknown
  • Blood type : A
  • Major : Business, Computer Business (CBIS) and CG-Design (CAD)
  • Hobbies : sports, Dance, Listen to music, Partyin, Anything and everything
  • Character : Adventurous, Funny, Artistic, Humorous, Clean-Cut, and liberal.
  • Dream : It was my dream to have a house of my own by the sea. If I could do anything  else I chose, I should like, first of all, to travel in a spaceship. (*^-^*) Joking aside, what am I going to do in my life???....just I'm thinking about it.

(c) 2001-. A dream play By Mariko.
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